6 Accessories You Must Have with Your New ATV

One of the most exciting experiences you can have is buying your first all-terrain vehicle or ATV. If you’re not a seasoned rider, there are several things for your ATV you may want to buy. These accessories can help you enjoy safe and exciting rides for many years. Not all of these accessories are essential. 

Your need for accessories would depend greatly on how you intend to use your new ATV. However, there are certain things that are essential for almost every owner of a brand new ATV. Here we’ve listed some of these ATV accessories for your consideration.

1. Helmet

Not all states in the United States of America require you to wear a helmet. If you intend to do some aggressive riding, it would be silly not to wear one. You’ll certainly find hundreds of options when it comes to helmets. Make sure you get a helmet that comes from a reputed manufacturer. It must have adequate padding, quality materials, great ventilation, and parts that are replaceable.

2. Basic tools

Buying some basic tools would mean getting a lot more out of your ATV. You’ll also be able to save a lot on maintenance costs with such tools. Some of the best examples of these tools are a torque wrench and a low-pressure gauge. Getting these tools is not enough though. You must also learn to carry out some simple maintenance tasks on your new ATV.

3. Kit for tire repairs

It’s obviously hard to carry a spare tire on any ATV. So, you’ll need to have the means to repair the ATV’s tires in emergency situations. You can buy a tire plug kit to keep on your quad. Investing in a good-quality tire pump can also be a good idea. You’ll have no regrets about having the tire repair kit when you’re out on the trail.

4. Water bottles

It’s absolutely essential to have plenty of water when you ride your ATV. There are two water bottles highly recommended for every ATV owner. One is a vacuum-insulated bottle and the other is a filtration bottle. A vacuum-insulated bottle keeps your water or any of the other beverages cold or hot for the entire day. 

You need a filtration bottle for emergencies. It comes in handy when you need extra water from a natural source during your rides. A fresh mountain stream or a natural pool can be a good source of water. Drinking directly from such sources might be risky, but a filtration bottle would save the day.

5. Battery charger

It is a known fact that your ATV’s battery will lose its charge at some point. This is especially true during winters when the quad vehicle sits idle. You can imagine the frustration when you’d be getting ready for a trip and the ATV’s battery is dead. 

Now, this problem can be solved without worries if you have got a charger with your ATV. You can simply allow it to charge when you’re doing the other stuff. Once the battery is ready, you can go ahead with your ride with great enthusiasm.

6. Rear storage

Among the most convenient add-ons, you can get for your ATV is the rear storage. You must ensure that it fits the model of your quad vehicle. The rear storage gives you good space to keep all the little things you need for the ride.

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