The Several Uses of Vinyl Decals and Labels

Today you can create your vinyl decals and labels the way you want. You might not believe this, but it’s pretty much possible in recent times. This is because of some great customization options that most of manufacturers offer. What you can really do with your labels and decals is all up to your imagination. 

You might also want to consider the surface, on which, the sticker would be applied. Any of the smooth surfaces would be good for these decals and labels. Besides using them as branding tags, vinyl labels and decals can be used in many other ways. Let’s explore some of them.

1. Decorative bedroom decals

If you’re bored of stencils, wallpapers, and mural paintings in your bedroom, try custom vinyl decals. You can have them created in any design motif of your choice and use them as wall decorations. You can have different kinds of dinosaurs or butterflies crafted in black for your kids’ bedroom. They’ll certainly love to have such things on their bedroom walls. 

Another excellent option would be slogans or special quotes created for your home or office. Whenever you look at them on the walls, they’ll serve as motivation or inspiration.

2. Drawer labels

It happens often that your kids struggle to find a shirt or a pair of shorts in the drawers. Many parents reprimand their children for messing up their drawers. However, this behaviour of the kids’ can sometimes be attributed to the fact that they don’t remember certain things. They can’t recall where they’ve kept some of their clothes. Such things mostly happen with younger children. 

It is therefore necessary that the kids be reminded constantly where their things are kept. You can get this done by labelling every drawer. In this way, your children can easily find what they need without messing things up. You can label drawers with words like pants, shorts, shirts, and socks. Apply these vinyl labels to their corresponding drawers. 

You can also do something similar to all the other drawers at home. This is an excellent way of reminding yourself and others where certain things can be found. Such vinyl labels or decals can be used for drawers in your own bedroom. They can also be used in the kitchen, and even for drawers in the bathroom.

3. Customized giveaways for weddings

You can save more on giveaways for weddings and other events with the help of vinyl labels or decals. This can be done by purchasing bargain items and applying customized vinyl decals or labels on them. Examples of such bargain items are mugs, goblets, and jars. The vinyl labels or decals can be easily applied to all items with smooth and clean surfaces.

These vinyl labels or decals would make such gifts look unique. For weddings, you can have your names and wedding date printed on the vinyl stickers. They can then be applied to any item that you feel might make for a fantastic souvenir. Such labels or decals can also be used for corporate giveaways. 

Vinyl stickers with the logo or name of the company can be applied on the giveaway item. Some of the examples of such items are glasses, business card holders, ashtrays, and mugs.

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