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I've been with GIjOE since the beginning...

When I was a kid, my first GIjOE was with me for about 4 to 5 years--until he became M.I.A. in "the bush."

That left me with only my Stony Smith squad (they were more in line with the family budget and needed a leader too).

Eventually I acquired a new GIjOE Green Beret set that kept me going until the Adventure team arrived in the early 1970s. Then I acquired a Black Adventurer and some extra equipment sets which helped my passion to continue to grow.

Around the early 1980's, the remains of my original GIjOE were miraculously returned to me. (That was quite a moment.) And in the 1990s, when my children saw my Joes and wanted to play with them, I got back into the hobby once again.

Nowadays, my original GIjOEs are the only ones that are actually "collected" (sorry kids, DO NOT TOUCH!). Everything else gets its intended use...PLAY! I also build my own 1:6th scale furniture, barbed wire and other diorama items for use in table-top displays (such as the one my son is holding in this photo) and in outdoor photo setups. Enjoy the pictures and thanks for looking!

---Rob Menagh

Rob's office doubles as his Joe room. Those shelving units look custom made too!

Some samples of Rob's 1:6 scale artistry. Three brand new table and bench sets are ready for dioramas.

A playful shot showing Rob's figures enjoying some R&R in their "rec room."

Another cool tabletop diorama. How many of us actually set up our tents? Check out the dirty laundry on the line. HA!

Vintage Green Berets peek from behind another of Rob's hand-crafted tabletop displays.

Rob's hand-made concertina wire and sandbags create a great defensive position.

Nice combination of real outdoor plantlife and some artificial indoor trees create a perfect 1:6 scale illusion. Great shot, Rob.

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