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Hello from Puerto Rico!

My name is Jose Serrano and I live in Caguas, Puerto Rico. I collect action figures for fun and I love figures from the Second World War the most. I enjoy creating 1/6th scale buildings and dioramas, and get a lot of my ideas for scenes from films I've seen and documentaries shown on the History Channel. I also have two brothers who help me with my dioramas.

When constructing my buildings and dioramas, I use Styrofoam panels of 8x4 from Home Depot, while the others are from boxes of refrigerators and TVs. I also use spray paints (all flat colors), tempera paints, pieces of wood, plastics, medical depressors, metal, "sumo" glue, 3-M glue and super glue. Plus, my trusty dremel tool.

I found the GIjOE Collections website one day and my curiosity led to my sending the images of my collection you'll see below.

It is an honor to share my collection and dioramas with you. Thanks!

---Jose Serrano

NEW! Samples of Jose's amazing urban battle diorama:

STOP! And look at this detail. Jose's even showing the different layers in the walls! WOW.

Look at the size of those arches. And all the detritus on the ground. Superb detail.

Look out Joe! That German's got a flame thrower!

Mamasita! Look at this beautiful tank. Stunning layout, Jose.

This is a fantastic building. Complete with fence, chimney, windows, framing, stone exterior, etc.

Great shot that shows the size of this amazing set-up in relation to 1:1 humans. It's HUGE!

Is Joe too close to take the shot? Nah! Take the shot, Joe! Take the shot!

Another angle reveals a halftrack in front of the tank. And look at that lady in the back waiting patiently.
That's every woman at every Joe show. Waiting patiently for the "playtime" of the men to be over. HA

NEW! Jose's amazing 1/6th scale church diorama:

Holy House of Worship! This is in 1/6th Scale! It's GIGANTIC!

From the side you can see the church is not complete. But, boy is it big.

A closeup of the side starts to show the high level of detail Jose has created. Stunning!

Yes, this is in 1/6th scale. Yes, it's amazing. Yes, Jose made it himself. Yes, we're all jealous.

OK, so start setting some battle scenes...ANY scenes. With a background like this, you're limited only by your imagination.

Back out even more and you can bring in an artillery piece and a Panzer tank. Sure? Why not?

The scale of this masterpiece absolutely DWARFS anything else. Simply a work of ART!

What COULDN'T you do with a diorama set piece like this? Check out the steps, the bench, the arches...

Jose has even gone to the trouble of hanging a bell in the belfry. Superb work.

Pan back and you begin to realize just how HUGE this church diorama is. Can you believe it?

OK...now pull all the way back and pick your jaw up off the ground. HOLY house of worship! This must be 5 or 6 feet tall!
And look! He's even got painted ceilings and a partial INTERIOR. WOW!

European Courtyard WW2 Diorama

Jose's courtyard diorama sits on a large 4' x 8' table. The lucky fans at this Puerto Rican action figure show got to see it up close.

This opposite view shows the versatility of a courtyard diorama. You could stage hundreds of scenes with a "set" like this!

Clearly a master of Styrofoam, Jose has done a masterful job creating this paving stone street. WOW!

And check out the fantastic faux bricks of this fence. And all the amazing "ironwork" poles!

Another closeup proves what can be done in 1/6th scale...if you're VERY talented (like Jose).

"Gotten Himmel!, it's the Americans!" "Hands up, Fritz! The war's over for you!"

Opposite view shows the Germans were caught by surprise as they still had plenty of Panzerfausts to fight with.

It's amazing what perspective can do in a photo. From this view, you can see all the way through the fence to the captured Germans.

Jose has created it all, the courtyard, steps, walls, monument, trees, planters, etc. Even the lamps are handmade by Jose.

Closeups of the armored vehicle commander and the brick wall with an appropriately sized coffee pot and mug.

Good overview of the fence and courtyard. The jeep and armored vehicle give you an idea of the large SIZE of this display. WOW!

European Building WW2 Diorama

Jose also built this amazing 2-story building. Check out the view looking in through that broken window. Great spot for a sniper!

Notice Jose's masterful depiction of different types of textures in this scene including bricks, stones, paving, wood, stucco, etc.

DAK North African WW2 Diorama

Amazing 1/6th scale ruins, all hand-crafted by Jose and his brothers. Check out the accurate scale of that fantastic palm tree!

A closeup of the arched ruins and columns...somewhere in North Africa. Again, simply superb work, Jose.

Amazing mosque-like structure with two levels. More fantastic detail.

Zoom in and you can see two signalmen busy at work in the radio room.
"Ja? General Rommel? Nein, he ist not here, dumbkopf!"

Great overview shot of the courtyard. Note the stairs, another great palm tree and that great water trough.
Can you say, "It's time to watch RAT PATROL?" Oh, yeah...

Closeup of the Kettenkrad and its driver. Nice tan gravel works great as Saharan sand.

Overview looking down into the DAK Kubelwagen. Great figures!

Time for a canteen break... "Ja, ja, ja...vee go on patrol today and find Montgomery, no?"

Pull waaaaay back and you can see how wide this diorama was. Holy Desert Fox!

Atlantic Wall Bunker WW2 Diorama

This is a BIG, 1/6th scale Atlantic Wall fortification bunker with thick walls and a machine gun nest up on the top.
"Vas ist los? So it's June 6th, so what? Nothing ever happens here in Normandy. Let's play cards.."

Closeup view reveals amazing details like an iron door, rear ladder and accurate concrete texture.

Hitler's "Eagle's Nest" at Bertesgarten WW2 Diorama

Hitler consults with his generals in his "little office" at the Bertesgarten mountain retreat. FAN-FRICKEN-TASTIC!

A closeup shot reveals that Jose has great skill at figure posing as well. VERY realistic poses.
And check out those great 1/6 desks and props--all handcrafted by Jose!

Great use of parquet floor sections and 1/6th scale accessories. Nice Beethoven bust and oil paintings.

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