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Greetings from Illinois!

My name is Jamie. I'm 48 years old and been serving in the U.S. Army now for over 25 years. I acquired my first GIjOE at the age of 6. By the time I had reached 10, my collection had grown to 10 figures. I felt GIjOE rich! Even still, I can remember going to sleep at night dreaming that I hoped to one day have one of the BIGGEST collections in the world! I have incredible fond memories of playing with those Joes for untold hours. combat scenario after scenario.

Shortly thereafter, my mother convinced me that it was time...that I was too old to have "dolls." Regretfully, I gave them ALL away to a neighbor friend whose name I cannot even recall. It's amazing how childhood fantasies can one day become adult reality.

At the age of 39, my 3 sons and I were shopping at our local Wal-Mart and I saw one of the just-released Pearl Harbor Joes. I immediately fell in love all over again. Although my first wife did not approve, I had to have that Wheeler Field Pilot. Since then, he has been customized with many different accessories and currently resides in the middle of what I consider a childhood fantasy come true.

When I began dating my current wife, I asked her over for dinner. And before she came over, I warned her that I was a "bit of a fanatic." She had a sudden look of panic, but I finished my story and told her that I collected GIjOE action figures and my collection was rather big. Ha ha (understatement)!

At the time I called my apartment "my museum." When she first walked in she exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! I love it!" These are beautiful! I collect Barbies!" After that, each time we saw each other she would bring over more of her collection. Soon, she began to display her collectible Barbies with my Joes, and the rest is history!

My first Christmas present from my wife (now of nearly 5 years) was a 1970s "Peace and Love" Barbie to go with my Viet Nam GIjOEs. I have an incredible wife who I love dearly. I am so grateful for second chances in this life and for finding a partner who supports me and enjoys my collection almost as much as I do. I hope you enjoy the photos of my collection!

---Jamie, Illinois

Let's take a closer look at some of the figures in Jamie's collection
and see what they're up to...

Highly detailed Dragon paratroopers help a wounded comrade.

Some of America's best get ready for another mission "looking for Charlie."

This day will come. It did for Saddam, and it will for Osama.

Fantastic details on both the bike and this Dog Soldier's Sioux warrior.

What better caption for this great group of soldiers than "GO ARMY!"

Look at all the figures you don't own, and that Jamie DOES own. This is SUPERHERO CENTRAL!

What an idiot. Camilla over DIANA? Oh pleeeeeeease!

Rommel's about to get up close and personal...with a CAMEL! HA!

Gunny tells it like it is. Now drop and give him 25!

Thanks for sharing your great collection with the world, Jamie!

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