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How does one begin to tell a story about collecting action figures?

Did it start with my wife's collection of Hallmark ornaments? Or perhaps with the infinite number of VHS Disney movies for my daughters? Or possibly the vast array of action figures and vehicles I had as a child which took me to lands and places far, far away? Imagination and creativity were always something I looked for in people, structures, cars, movies and toys. And as many of us grow up, we sometimes lack the opportunity for creativity and imagination in our work lives, so I guess I found collecting toys, which brought a smile to my face, as my last chance to venture back to those lands and places far, far away.

My toy obsession (and yes I am OBSESSED) began with robots; probably due to my love for the Lost in Space (LIS) B9 Robot. I always thought having a robot was cool. Even as a kid, I remember my LIS Switch-n-Go set and the robot being dragged around by the Chariot. What fun!

Hunting for different robot figures proved difficult, so I ultimately ventured out into other figures. I will have to say, I was pretty particular (and financially prudent) so I only focused on those from my early childhood memories: Captain Action, GIjOE, Clutch Cargo, Jonny Quest, Superman, James Bond and Star Trek.

As my collection grew, I incorporated other genres: Terminator (still obsessed with Robots), Fantastic Four, Aliens, Predator, Star Wars and Spiderman. Due to space constraints, many of these toys had to be boxed up or individually rotated in my office so I could enjoy them.

However, once our basement was completed, I was able to carve out my own space - My TOY MANCAVE - which has bought many people to laughter, amazement and tears as they as able to look at and touch pieces of their recent and past childhood. I frequently come down to my toy room early in the morning or late at night just to smile and laugh as I hope to one day be able to put all of these items in my own Toy Museum - for all to see. Enjoy the photos!

---Gary Stair

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