Welcome to the amazing collection of
Ace Allgood
Owner: Ace Allgood, Minneapolis, MN
E-mail: ace@channelzsucks.com

"Ace, is the place, with the helpful hardware man..."

Sorry, just kidding around. Ace promises us some new pictures and text are coming soon, but until such time, he's requested that we please put up these pics which were taken a few years ago during a meeting of the Minnesota GIjOE Collectors Club.

That's Ace in the picture to the right (with the cap). It looks as if everyone is having a great time admiring his amazing collection.

This first picture was taken at the entryway to Ace's Joe basement. The display case he's standing next to contains numerous authentic prototype GijOEs. This is a new aspect of Ace's collection since he already has (and I quote) "EVERYTHING else!"

Here, a few of the other MGCC members can be seen standing in front of one of Ace's main display cases discussing, what else? GIjOE! And, as you can see, they're really stuffed (the cases!) and contain numerous vehicles and boxed sets.

A closeup of one of Ace's fantastic display cases. It really IS stuffed!

And finally, here's another MGCC member who seems to be "browsing" another case full of great vintage Joes.
Notice how Ace has mounted some extra track lighting to help fill in the shadows. Great job, Ace!

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