Collector, customer and uber-customizer Bob Rodden's E-Z procedure for flocking Joe heads is amazing in its step-by-step simplicity. Bob first showed us how to do this at one of our local GIjOE club meetings and now we'll pass this great information on to you. Take your time and enjoy! Thanks, Bob!

Our brave volunteer is the painted hair blonde (above left). Afterl many years as a "Slickhead," he's decided he's ready to finally join the ever-growing ranks of the "Fuzzheads." To that end, he's looking warily at the equipment laid out before him. But he needn't worry. This procedure is SIMPLE and SURE-FIRE. You Go, Joe!

Step 1: Gather your supplies. You'll need a bottle of fabric glue, a package of flock, a toothpick, and one of the (very important) NOCH flocking bottles (above right). All are available online or at "brick and mortar" hobby stores.

Step 2: Once you have your supplies, remove the cap and lid (with holes) from the little NOCH bottle. Then take some flock and place it in the NOCH bottle until it is about half full. We all thought a funnel would work well for this purpose, but it is not necessary. You're just transferring flock from one container to another. Take your time and be as neat as you can!

Step 3: When the Noch bottle is about half full, put the lid and cap back on and shake it around in a circle vigorously. This motion creates a static electric charge inside the bottle that "excites" the flock, preparing it for use.

Step 4: Set the NOCH bottle aside. Take your figure and apply fabric glue to the areas you want the flock to stick. Be neat. That way, there will be little to no glue to clean off of your GIjOE's face later. Hooah!

Step 5: Spread the glue around until the head is covered with one even layer (Race Bannon, anyone?).

Step 6: Use your toothpick like a paintbrush and nudge the glue to the edge of your desired hairline. Easy does it! A good job here makes your flocking look GREAT later.

Step 7: Take your NOCH flock bottle and with gentle "puffs," shoot the flock out A LITTLE AT A TIME as you SLOWLY turn the figure around in your hand. Shoot the flock out from all angles, slowly and carefully until it completely covers his "noggin" and looks as handsome as can be. It only takes about 3-5 minutes and you'll know when you're all done. You'll look at your new amazing creation and exclaim, "WOW! THAT IS SO COOL!" (That's when you're done. HA)

VIDEO DEMO #1: Short clip with Bob demonstrating his gentle "puffing" technique of flocking. Take a look!

VIDEO DEMO #2: Another short clip showing Bob finishing up his masterwork on our blonde volunteer.

Step 8: When you're done flocking, the final thing to do is to set your figure aside for a drying period of 24 hours. WARNING! If it falls over and lands on its head, the glue and flock will smash down together and dry flat.

Step 9: ENJOY! I absolutely love how this guy came out. He has so much more personality now than before. He strikes me as some kind of NASA scientist or astronaut type of guy now. Before, he was just a plain-looking blonde PH without much of an "attitude" about anything. Super job, Bob! Thanks a lot for showing us all how it's done. This figure now takes a very memorable place in my personal collection. Currently, he's working as a model for this website and has most recently appeared as the U.S. Marshal (see below) modeling our new line-up of custom badge holders and multi-purpose ID cards FOUND ON THIS PAGE. Cool!


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